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Showing Australians How to Reduce Their Mortgage

The great Australian dream has always been to own your own home. However, with mortgage terms now exceeding 20+ years this dream rarely becomes a reality for most Aussies when they have:

  • An old fashioned and out-dated P&I home loan product
  • No superannuation for retirement
  • No personal savings
  • No income-producing investments
  • No tax-effective assets (paying a lot of tax)
  • No strategic plan in place to secure you and your family’s future

The reality is, most of us will struggle to pay off our home loan before retirement, unless we recognise the magnitude of our problems, take responsibility, educate ourselves and adopt a new and innovative approach to mortgage reduction and preparing for retirement early.

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With RPM Queensland’s unique approach to helping you reduce your mortgage, we will show you how to:

• Own your home at a much earlier age
• Save thousands of dollars in bank interest
• Save for a wealthier retirement
• Take control of your future
• Leave something for your children
• Manage your income tax liabilities (per ATO guidelines)

Despite its myriad of wonderful short and long term financial benefits, many Australian’s believe that buying an investment property or paying off their mortgage entirely is simply out of their reach. With the pressure of bills and the cost of living, it’s common to believe that the average person could simply never afford to achieve accelerated mortgage reduction or take the necessary financial steps to do so.

At RPM, we believe the opposite; most people, with the right information, guidance from our qualified experts and personal commitment, have the ability to pay off their home and/or purchase an investment property that will reward them financially for years to come. It’s all about making educated changes today to reap the benefits over time.

We can show you how. Contact us today to arrange a free and relaxed, over-phone-consultation to determine whether we can help you reduce your mortgage, build your wealth and reach your financial goals.

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With over 20 years experience, we provide a full home debt reduction and property investment planning service to our Clients. We simplify and streamline what can be a complex process.

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