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As you may know last year we stepped into the 21st century. We launched our very own face book page. A long time coming I know. And we have now come to realize the power of face book, it’s a fantastic tool to keep you; our current clients as well as prospective clients up to date with news and information about us, the QLD property market and our exciting corporate rewards program. Our following has slowly grown. Starting with a couple of hundred to now almost a thousand, only 6 months later. And we thank those of you who are following us on face book; for your support.
The networking platform that face book provides has floored us. RPM Queensland being a boutique, family business doesn’t do any main stream advertising, and therefore the majority of our business is generated by word of mouth and referrals. Which is why we pride ourselves in our professional end to end property Investment planning service, mortgage reduction strategies and ongoing client management. And in doing so the greatest complement our clients have given us over the past 20 years is the referral of their friends, family and colleagues.
In continuing our strong relationships with our clients, we are excited about what face book will achieve for us this year and we are looking forward to bringing you a plethora of daily news, information and updates about us, the QLD property market and our corporate rewards program. So jump on and like and share our page, to learn more and stay connected to RPM Queensland, your wealth management experts.


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