Stock selection process

Our stock selection process

Our stock selection process for clients is dictated firstly by price point or buying cap (what the bank would approve them for). Then by housing type, (either townhouse, 3 BR, 4 BR, single or double storey) and finally by estate location, across South East Queensland.

We tend to stay in the fastest growing regional areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast where new retail, schools, health and infrastructure projects are approved to go forward. In addition, within this stock selection process we prefer to select estates that are master planned, community-driven and staged over a reasonable period of time. And we usually stick with the big developers such as Lend lease, Stockland, LEDA and Mirvac, among others.

We don’t move into areas that are more than an hour from Brisbane or Gold Coast CBDs. We find that occupancy risk increases too much as we move away from these central employment hubs.

Where possible we like to provide between 2-3 proposals to our Clients in differing estates that are within their approval range and which we believe will provide them with above average returns.

Our stock selection process ensures that we personally inspect all blocks and estates before presenting them to Clients. We are mindful of bank valuations and aggressively seek to mitigate valuation and resale issues that result from packages which are close to easements, have odd or small shaped blocks, are not located close to amenities and which have high occupancy rates in neighbouring properties.



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