Why Property?


For most of us, the idea of investing into Australia residential property is a very compelling one for the following key reasons:

  • Most people understand both property and the economic fundamentals that drive property values higher.
  • Historical data spanning over 50 years of Australian property dictates that property values in major capital cities, held over the long term, provides substantial and sustainable capital growth.
  • Property is tangible in nature and not simply a promissory piece of paper.
  • It is a non-liquid asset which means that when markets dip we aren’t tempted to sell it quickly and realise losses.
  • It’s a long-term investment, which fits well into long-term retirement planning.
  • Property can be geared (meaning that we are allowed to borrow from the bank in order to invest in it), which in turn results in higher returns as the market rises.
  • Property is highly tax-effective which means that you can secure tax deductions (per ATO guidelines) which help to increase your cash flow and decrease your out-of-pocket expenses to hold property.

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With a current (severe) undersupply of property in Australia combined with a growing population, we believe that property will sustain its long-run average growth pattern for the foreseeable future. Unless the market dramatically increases supply (highly unlikely with tight credit and high development costs) and curb population growth (highly unlikely based on current birth and immigration rates), property prices in Australia are likely to keep on rising, which means lower affordability for new home buyers and increased wealth for existing home owners and investors.

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